Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

The booming economy and shortage of skilled workers in Canada lead the country to actively welcome a large number of immigrants. Many individuals from various parts of the globe also choose to reside in Canada due to its unparalleled beauty, luxurious way of life, earning potential in Canadian dollars, and numerous other appealing advantages.

Just like in past years, the 2023-2024 Immigration Plans of Canada are very generous, making immigrants consider moving to Canada. When the prospects of immigrating are favorable, it is normal for individuals to research the most sought-after jobs in Canada, as this plays a crucial role in their decision to move to Canada. In this article, we have compiled details about the top 12 jobs in Canada that are in high demand for the years 2023-2024. Keep reading if you are interested or have future plans to immigrate to Canada.

12 Most Demanding Jobs in Canada for 2023-2024

1. Pharmacist: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

Pharmacists are essential for Canada’s healthcare system and therefore, professionals in this field have favorable job prospects. There is a strong demand for pharmacists across the country, and registered pharmacists in Canada can easily secure well-paying positions that offer an average annual salary of approximately $93,093. This salary is more than enough to comfortably live in Canada without facing any financial difficulties.

2. Project Manager: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

Canadian companies are actively searching for skilled project managers who possess intellectual abilities. These professionals have the responsibility of overseeing project planning and ensuring timely delivery. The most sought-after positions in Canada are those of competent project managers in various fields including engineering, marketing, sales, and more. Having a degree or diploma in project management can lead to a well-paying job with potential for growth based on experience. In Canada, project managers earn an annual salary of around CA$ 91,000.

3. Engineer: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

The engineering industry is constantly expanding, creating a higher need for skilled professionals. In Canada, there is a strong demand for engineers from various fields including electrical, mechanical, civil, software, and aerospace engineering. As an engineer in Canada, you can anticipate earning approximately $100,000 CAD annually.

4. Human Resource Officers: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

In order for a business to be successful, it must hire the right individuals who can contribute to its growth. The responsibility of finding and securing talented individuals falls on human resource officers, who play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of a company. Regardless of the industry, HR professionals are essential for the success of Canadian businesses. In Canada, the starting salary for an HR officer is approximately 70,000 CAD per year, but this can increase as they gain more experience and time in the field.

5. Registered Nurse: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

Healthcare is a top priority in Canada, with a particular emphasis on the needs of the aging population. This ensures a constant need for healthcare professionals who can deliver high-quality and genuine care to them. Consequently, registered nurses have ample employment opportunities across the entire country. On average, registered nurses in Canada earn an annual salary of approximately CA$75,000.

6. Software Developer: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

The demand for software developers has risen worldwide, including in Canada, as companies opt for digitalization. In Canada, a skilled software developer can expect to receive numerous high-demand job opportunities and earn a decent annual salary of approximately CA$53,000. This favorable salary allows software developers to easily establish themselves and lead comfortable lives in Canada. Ontario and British Columbia are the provinces with the most job opportunities for software developers in the country.

7. Accountant: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

It is challenging to keep track of a company’s budgets, profits, and spending, so having financial knowledge is crucial, and accountants play a vital role in a company’s operations. Accountants are in high demand in Canada, and they are one of the professions with the highest salaries, earning CA$59,100 per year. If you are an accounting expert, there are job opportunities in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, and other Canadian cities.

8. Welder: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

The ongoing progress in the manufacturing industry has created a demand for well-trained and skilled welders. Welders are necessary in various fields like construction and mining. Additionally, welding is a profession that doesn’t require an expensive university degree but offers high pay. In Canada, the average hourly wage for skilled welders is CA$35, illustrating why it remains a highly sought-after job in the country.

9. Business Development Officers: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

The manner in which businesses function has undergone significant changes throughout history. Unlike in previous times, businesses now place a higher emphasis on having knowledgeable business development managers and executives. The presence of business development officers and consultants is needed across all regions in Canada. As a qualified professional in this field, one can expect to earn an annual salary ranging from $68,400 to $108,300. This is evident as to why it remains as one of the most sought-after job positions in Canada. If you possess exceptional skills and remarkable experience, you can potentially achieve even higher compensation.

10. Doctors: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

Canada has a significant proportion of elderly individuals who rely on doctors for their medical needs on a regular basis. Consequently, doctors in Canada have been experiencing a steady increase in their income over the years. Competent and highly skilled doctors can earn a generous salary in Canada. On average, doctors in Canada make about CAD 354,000 annually, with specialists earning even more.

11. Marketing Officers: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

In today’s competitive market, it is widely recognized that marketing plays a crucial role. Those who help businesses implement marketing strategies, whether online or offline, will find plentiful job opportunities in Canada. Marketing positions offer newcomers the greatest likelihood of success in the country, with entry-level marketers earning an average salary of $35,000 per year. This is the main reason why marketing jobs continue to be highly sought-after in Canada. Currently, the cities with the highest demand for marketing professionals are Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

12. Customer Service Representatives: Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future

After the COVID-19 outbreak, numerous businesses have opted to shut down their brick-and-mortar stores and transition to online platforms. Consequently, there is a rising demand for customer service representatives who can handle customer concerns and resolve issues. As a result, living in Canada offers advantageous prospects for individuals seeking customer service representative roles, as there is an abundance of such jobs available. On average, customer service representatives in Canada earn an approximate annual salary of $34,654.


Canada is an exceptionally forward-thinking country that warmly welcomes immigrants seeking educational and professional opportunities. While the job market in Canada has undergone significant transformations in recent years, particularly due to the impact of COVID-19, there are still ample opportunities for talented individuals who aspire to progress in their respective fields.

In 2023, Canada will have 12 highly sought-after employment opportunities available in various industries and companies. If you possess exceptional skills in any of these fields, you can become a suitable candidate for immigration to Canada in 2023 and beyond. To learn more about your choices and the procedures involved, feel free to contact us at any time.

What jobs are in demand in Canada in the future 2030?

Jobs in Demand in Canada in Future 2025-2030
  • Psychologist.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Computer Systems Analyst.
  • Registered Nurse.
  • Market Research Analyst.
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Retail Sales Associate.
  • Health Care Aide.

What are the Predicted Most Sought After Jobs for 2030?

  • Engineers.
  • Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Special Education School Teachers.
  • Food Preparation and Hospitality Trades.
  • Animal Care and Service Workers.
  • Sports and Fitness Occupations.
  • Lawyers, Judges and related workers.
  • Natural and Social Science Professionals.

What jobs are in demand in Canada for immigrants 2023?

These jobs are in-demand in Canada 2023
  • Health care and social assistance — 144,500 vacancies. …
  • Accommodation and food services — 109,100 vacancies. …
  • Retail trade — 88,300 vacancies. …
  • Construction — 72,600 vacancies. …
  • Manufacturing — 63,100 vacancies.
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Skill in demand in Canada 2023-2024 & future


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