Jobs in Canada Providing Free Visa Sponsorship 2023/2024

Jobs in Canada Providing Free Visa Sponsorship 2023/2024

Are you currently seeking employment in Canada with the goal of securing a VISA but lack a green card or permanent resident status? There is now a chance for you to fulfill your long-awaited aspiration: a job that will take care of your VISA expenses. In Canada, companies are in need of both skilled and unskilled workers across various industries.

Employment opportunities with visa sponsorship available for foreigners

In Canada, most jobs that accept your VISA require you to have strong skills in both spoken and written English, and knowing French would be beneficial. Certain VISA-supported roles ask for a minimum of a High School diploma and don’t necessarily require any prior training or experience. If you are chosen, you will acquire knowledge while on the job. However, having previous experience in any of the positions you are selected for would be advantageous.

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These job positions in Canada are the latest ones available to enhance your VISA application. Hence, the main job titles provide information about each position and its corresponding responsibilities. You will have the option to work either on a full-time or part-time basis.

Before heading to Canada to start your dream job, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements for the visa sponsorship positions available in the country. Fortunately, many renowned and reputable establishments are willing to help immigrants in acquiring visas.

Job opportunities in Canada for which a visa sponsorship will be provided in 2023.

 Delivery Driver 

  • Location: Woodbridge, ON
  • Permanent, Full-time


  • This job entails the task of transporting items from Sherwin-Williams paint stores to customers. Here are some of the main duties associated with this role:
  • Additionally, guaranteeing that packages are efficiently prepared to meet the demands of consumers.
  • Afterwards, ensuring that customer orders are correctly placed on the vehicle.
  • In addition, make sure to complete the necessary documents.
  • In addition, it is important to ensure the prompt and secure delivery of the customer’s possessions.
  • Additionally, it is necessary to ensure the shop vehicle’s upkeep and promptly notify the manager when maintenance is required.
  • Finally, I perform various duties including but not limited to working in the warehouse, mixing and customizing orders for clients, and providing assistance to customers at our paint shops.

 Basic Qualifications 

  • Possess a valid and unrestricted license
  • Additionally, it is important that you have the legal right to work in the country where you are looking for a job, and you will never need anyone to sponsor your work visa.
  • Moreover, have the ability to lift and transport up to fifty pounds, whether or not assistance is provided.
  • Apart from that, they are capable of telephone communication and computer usage with or without necessary adjustments.

 How to Apply 

Click here to apply: Please find the link to Sherwin-Williams’ job search website at

 Restaurant Manager 

 Job details 

  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • Salary: $21.75 hourly
  • Terms of employment: Full time

 Job Requirements 

  • The language is English.
  • Education: CEGEP or college
  • One to two years of experience


  • Respond to client issues or grievances
  • Additionally, recruit, educate, and supervise staff members Contribute to marketing plans and their execution.
  • Moreover, negotiate with customers regarding catering services or the rental of facilities.
  • In addition, keep an eye on sales and make any necessary changes to prices and procedures.

 Housekeeping Jobs 

 Job details 

  • Location: Surrey, BC
  • Salary: $20.00 hourly
  • Terms of employment: Full-time, Shift

 Job Requirements 

  • The language is English.
  • Education: Obtaining a certificate from a secondary (high) school
  • Skills: Will develop

 How to apply 

Send the application to email: 

 Home Support Worker 

 Job details 

  • Location: Clarenville, NL
  • Salary: $17.63 hourly
  • Terms of employment: Full time

 Job Requirements 

  • The language is English.
  • There is no need for a degree, certificate, or diploma.
  • No experience required

 How to apply 

Send the application to Email: 

 Software Engineer 


  • To start off, it is important to gather the requirements of the users, document them, and create clear specifications for both the logical and physical aspects. In order to develop, build, and test computer-based systems, it is necessary to carry out research, evaluate, and organize technical expertise.
  • Additionally, models should be developed to evaluate the efficiency and reliability of designs, as well as to enhance the overall structure, for data, processes, and networks. Furthermore, there should be a plan in place to create and manage computer-based technologies, encompassing their integration and practical application.
  • Furthermore, design, assess, troubleshoot, record, and enhance the maintenance procedures for operating systems, communication settings, and application software.
  • Finally, you will be responsible for guiding and overseeing groups of professionals who create software for embedded software control systems, integrated information systems, process control software, and other types of information systems.

 Programming Languages 

XML Technology (XSL, XSD, DTD); JavaScript; object-oriented programming languages; and.NET

 How to apply 

Send the application to email: 

 Driver – Chauffeur 


  • Ensure the safe transportation of individuals, particularly children, or objects to their intended locations by driving responsibly.
  • Next, ensure that you follow all traffic regulations and keep a pristine driving history.
  • Next, make arrangements for the packing and unpacking of the belongings, guaranteeing their safety during transportation.
  • Additionally, ensure the car is operating smoothly by maintaining its cleanliness and conducting routine inspections.
  • Additionally, create a strategy for maximizing efficiency in order to minimize both time and fuel consumption.
  • In addition to that, remember to maintain a record of the distance you travel, the expenses you incur, and any problems you come across.

A worker who assists in a warehouse and performs various utility tasks.


  • To ensure safety, it is necessary to have the skill to safely handle a forklift and successfully complete the internal forklift training program within a month.
  • Additionally, the task of covering and removing coverings from pallets.
  • In addition, one is expected to put, take off, and switch bags on pallets.
  • In addition, acquire control of the trucks and ensure that you meticulously and fully fill out all shipping and receiving documents as per the given instructions.
  • Additionally, preparing the components.
  • Finally, maintenance and general on-site work associated with the building, grounds, or area.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the procedure for applying for job sponsorship in Canada?

If employers cannot find a suitable Canadian candidate for the job, they can assist the employee in acquiring a work permit to live and work in Canada. The person has the option to live in Canada or any other location, and it is possible that they are currently employed by the same company.

How can I obtain a job offer in Canada if I don’t have a work permit?

The initial step to receive job opportunities without permanent resident status is determining the appropriate work permit you are eligible for. Most individuals need a work permit as there are specific foreign workers who are authorized to work in Canada without needing one.

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Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Canada
Salary: $15 to $20

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