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Jobs in Air Canada | Air Canada flight attendants 2023 Every Air Canada pilot is a part of the proud historical past of the company for business aviation.


Women and men piloting a revolutionary new aircraft just like the Boeing 777 are part of the practice that goes back to the first shiny silver Lockheed 10A Electra. For over 70 years, Air Canada pilots have been interfacing Canada and the world.

Whether captain, first officer, or auxiliary pilot or not, the primary priority of an Air Canada pilot is to conduct each flight safely, with due regard to passenger comfort and efficiency on time.

While the every day work month comprises of around 80 hours of flying, pilots go through numerous extra hours on ground-based undertakings, for example, preparing flight plans, setting up the airplane for departure, and completing post-flight experiments. Jobs in Air Canada | Air Canada flight attendants

May ranges from day’s work of a long-haul flight around the world to a series of flights home Luxor. Responsibility for the Reserve can be assigned, during which the pilot is “on the name”.

Air Canada pilots operate from among our 4 crew bases: Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg or Vancouver. Basic preferences are given by seniority, so pilots should be as eager to move as they were assigned.


Pilots usually begin their career as a first officer on a home plane or as an auxiliary pilot on long-range flights around the world.

Business necessities: Jobs in Air Canada | Air Canada flight attendants 2023

Jobs in Air Canada | Air Canada flight attendants
Jobs in Air Canada | Air Canada flight attendants
  • 2000 hours of flight time wing mounted
  • Completion of education for college entry degree
  • Skill to cross Air Canada and Transport Canada medical and necessities visual module for Class 1 medical certificates
  • Canadian Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL), current group 1 (multi-engine) instrument arrangement
  • Canadian citizenship or permanent immigrant landed

Experimental purposes far exceed vacancies, so the choice is given to candidates with {qualifications} past the basic necessities. Additional great examples {qualifications} embrace , however, will not be limited to:


  • Graduates of a 3 or 4 12-month Diploma / Diploma Program from a school or college
  • Diploma or Diploma of the Faculty of aviation
  • Experience in business or military aviation
  • Jet and/or glass cockpit experience

Key elements of success: Jobs in Air Canada | Air Canada flight attendants

  • Security-Air Canada pilots put security first. The local operation of all flights is critical.
  • Teamwork-the mission of an Air Canada pilot requires constant interaction with all areas of the process. From the co-pilot to the ramp attendants, personal contacts and experiences are every day part of the job.
  • Open to change-pilot work requires flexibility and flexibility. Air Canada pilots are expected to behave professionally under all circumstances.

A day in the life: Jobs in Air Canada | Air Canada flight attendants

The test is one hour and a quarter of an hour before departure but I try to give only a little early because I will surely stumble upon some colleagues in flight planning.

Undoubtedly, the basic query heard is, ” Where Are you? “Courses of action vacillate from a fifteen-hour Hong Kong polar trip to a short journey to Ottawa. We print the flight plan with many schemes climate related.

In general, the presence of a quick name to send the flight outside the airport premises is justified to check the change of climatic situations and experience experiences. Jobs in Air Canada | Air Canada flight attendants


Then it’s off to the gate and we settle in the surface of the plane. Stroll around, record eBook checks, and briefings to flight attendants are just some of the many issues we are ready to leave on time. Ramp checks, gas checks, and the introduction of the flight plan into the on-board computer systems are all part of the job description.

Pay again start with every little thing adhering to the normal business procedure. Taxi transport to the lively Amphitheater involves additional checks.

Finally, “clear to take off” is learning back to the management Tower. Again, everyone sticks to the text as we start the takeoff roll. I think for almost all of us, even after a few years in the business, there is nevertheless a tingle of pleasure when the takeoff push is ready, assuring, ” we’re going to fly!”

Jobs in Air Canada | Air Canada flight attendants

  1. Cabin crew
  2. Baggage handler
  3. Work
  4. Air Hosted
  5. Cabin cleaner
  6. Security guard
  7. Supervisor
  8. Cashier
  9. Driver
  10. Loader
  11. Electric
  12. Air bar

How I turned Air Canada pilot: Jobs in Air Canada | Air Canada flight attendants

As ten 12 months earlier I had the opportunity to go to the plane deck on an Air Canada flight, however, the flight bug was planted firmly! I knew then I wanted to be a pilot at Air Canada.

I joined the students Airlines Royal Canadian was profitable in receiving licenses gliders and personal choice before graduation from high school. An engineering program and the rest of my flight licenses were completed over the next few years.

After 10 years of experience building , I got the decision , ” your course starts in two weeks, are you able to be there? “You might guess my response!

I have now completed more than 12 Nice years of my dream residence. I flew on regional, home and World Routes.

frequently asked question: Jobs in Air Canada | Air Canada flight attendants

How would I find a new line of work with Air Canada?

If you are a foreigner and want to apply for Air Canada jobs, you should be forced to immigrate to Canada via Express Entry or a Canada work holiday visa. Career opportunities at Air Canada are advertised for pilots, cabin crew, engineers and maintenance specialists.

Is Air Canada a good company to work for?

I absolutely love working at Air Canada! I’m very proud of my work. Work, benefits, and especially my colleagues make Air Canada an incredible place to work! … Generally the best place to live work in Canada.

How do I become an Air Canada flight attendant?

The minimum must be 18 years of age.
Must hold the legal right to live and work in Canada, the right to travel to all countries served by Air Canada.
You must have a good level of Health and fitness.
Must be able to swim 25 meters.
Grooming standards should be impeccable.
Must be flexible and adaptable.

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