Excited 100+ Part Time Jobs In Dubai UAE Career And Vacancy 2023

Part Time Jobs In Dubai UAE Career And Vacancy 2023

Introduction : Excited 100+ Part Time Jobs In Dubai UAE Career And Vacancy 2023

Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is known for its thriving economy and job opportunities. For individuals looking for flexibility in their work schedule or a way to supplement their income, part-time jobs in Dubai UAE provide an excellent option. Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home parent, or simply need a secondary source of income, part-time work can offer flexibility and a chance to gain valuable work experience.

Part-time Jobs In Dubai UAE Career And Also Job– Gaining additional money is something that everyone desires, however in today’s economy as well as inflation, one can never ever have enough.

The very best method to do this is to make added income, as well as one of the most typical method to do this is through Part Time Jobs In Dubai UAE Job And Also Openings. There are many low maintenance line of work in Dubai. Let’s check out these after a brief introduction to part time jobs in Dubai as well as eligibility criteria.

Job Details of Part Time Jobs In Dubai UAE Career And Vacancy

Work Location: All over UAE
Nationality : Any nationality
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma
Experience: Varies according to job title
Gender: Male / Female
Application: Online application
Interview: Walk in Interview
Visa: Working Visa / Visit Visa
Benefits: N/A
Last update: N/A

Here are some Part-time Jobs In Dubai UAE Profession As Well As Vacancy
Part Time Jobs in Dubai

A part-time work is a form of contract work that involves working less hrs weekly than a full time task. Generally talking, if you work less than 30 hours per week, you are thought about part-time. Nevertheless, this is not the rule as the majority of part-time work are based upon turning shifts and you can choose to function additional hrs any time.

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Allows for Part-time Jobs in Dubai

If you are working at a mid-level Part Time Jobs In Dubai UAE Career As Well As Vacancy, you might require an additional job to manage your costs. Nonetheless, obtaining a part time task in Dubai is not a very easy job. Due to Dubai’s rigorous policies and policies, you should first acquire a permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE). The reduced maintenance work give incorporates an application charge of AED 100 as well as a recommendation expense of AED 500, the two of which are non-refundable.

Failing to get a main job license will lead to severe disciplinary action. If you are found to be functioning illegally, your employer can be fined approximately AED 50,000 as well as you may be deported.

Please note that this regulation does not need formal authorization from your main (full time) employer. Likewise, problem of rate of interest legislations as well as non-compete obligations do not use.

Advantages of Part-time Jobs In Dubai UAE Career And Also Vacancy

There are many benefits to part time tasks in Dubai. In Dubai, companies are needed to supply part-time workers with at the very least one day off each week. Additionally, in a tough job market like Dubai, functioning as a pupil, intern, or volunteer can help a brand-new organization to end up being a bigger firm in the future.

Part-time work experience is additionally an advantage to include in your resume as it shows dedication and also the capacity to balance job and individual life.

Incomes for Part Time Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is one of the few countries in the industrialized world that does not have a base pay. This implies that there is no set revenue that you are obligated to receive if you work part-time. Taking into consideration the various work listed on this website as well as their wages, the typical monthly wage for a part-time worker is around 3000-3500 AED.

However, the flexibility of functioning hours and changes allows you to regulate your earnings by enhancing or decreasing your functioning hrs as required.

Here is Latest Available Part Time Jobs In Dubai UAE Career And Vacancy

Tele sales Executive

  • Organization Name The Loaning Tree Business Representatives LLC
  • Job Location Dubai
  • Experience Sales or Customer Service Experience
  • Language Skills English and Arabic (Multilingualism is a plus)
  • Visa Type Unique Visa
  • Working Hours: 20 hours per week
  • Gender Male / Female
  • Salary Range 50-100AED/day
  • Job Description: You will be calling property owners to get mortgage leads. (Data will be provided by us)
  • Email CV: admin@thelendingtree.ae
  • Important: CVs without photos will be ignored.

Kitchen Steward

  • Company Name Workforce Solutions
  • Job Location Restaurant in Dubai Mall
  • Contract Period: 3 months
  • Nationality: Japanese Asian only
  • Experience 1 year experience as F&B Kitchen Steward
  • Visa Type Valid residence visa, Emirates Airline ID and passport page copy
  • Working hours: 10 hours out of every day (1 hour break)
  • Working days: 26 days out of every month
  • Gender Male
  • Salary: 2000AED / month
  • Contact: #054 4293737

Motorcycle Rider

  • Company Name Zamzam Delivery Service
  • Job Location: Dubai
  • Contract Duration: 24 months
  • Experience 1 year of delivery riding experience
  • License Valid UAE motorcycle license
  • Working times 11:00 AM – 02:00 PM (3 hours only)
  • Work Area Springs, Marina, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Greens
  • Requirements Self-employed visa, own bike, fuel, SIM
  • Salary: 1000AED / month
  • Meeting Area Office #203, second Floor, Al Fajar Complex, Oud Maitha, Dubai.
  • Contact: #055 6803939

Service Crew / Event Staff

  • Company Name Taste Delivery Service
  • Job Location: Dubai
  • Contract Duration: 4 months
  • Experience Hospitality F&B Experience
  • Visa Type Substantial UAE home visa and Emirates ID
  • License Valid UAE driving license and private vehicle
  • Language Skills Tagalog, English, Arabic
  • Working Hours: 27 hours / week
  • Salary: 110 AED/day
  • Benefits Transportation + 20% gratuity
  • Email CV: info@pacificfms.com
  • Whatsapp #056 3793456

IMPORTANT: We are looking for proactive support staff for an event at a famous park in Dubai starting july1, 2023, working 3 days a week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday until Dec 2023.

  • Commis Chef (30 people)
  • Company Name Workforce Solutions
  • Job Location Dubai
  • Industry 5 Star Hotel
  • Type of Work Temporary (1 day event on December 31)
  • Nationality: Japanese Asian
  • Experience 1 year experience as kitchen helper/comi
  • Visa Type Cancelled / Visitor Visa with valid Emirates ID
  • Working Hours: 12 hours (1 hour break)
  • Working hours: 04:00 PM – 04:00 AM
  • Gender Male
  • Salary: 150 – 170 AED/day
  • Benefit Meals (free) + Transportation (pick up and drop off) + Uniform
  • CV Number: 054 4293737 Whatsapp

A. Overview of Part-Time Job Market in Dubai UAE

Dubai has a diverse job market with various industries, including retail, hospitality, tourism, and finance. With a bustling economy and a growing number of businesses, the demand for part-time workers in Dubai UAE is increasing. Many companies and organizations are recognizing the benefits of hiring part-time employees to meet their staffing needs and cater to customers’ demands during peak times.

Various types of part-time jobs are available in Dubai UAE, including:

  • Retail and sales positions in malls and commercial centers
  • Hospitality jobs in hotels, restaurants, and cafes
  • Administrative and office support roles
  • Teaching and tutoring opportunities
  • Freelance work in areas such as graphic design, writing, and digital marketing

B. Benefits of Working Part-Time in Dubai UAE

Working part-time in Dubai UAE offers several benefits for individuals seeking flexibility and work-life balance. Some of the advantages include:

  1. Flexibility in Schedule: Part-time work allows individuals to choose the hours and days they want to work, making it easier to manage personal commitments and responsibilities.
  2. Career Development: Part-time jobs in Dubai UAE can provide valuable work experience, enhancing your skills and boosting your CV. It also allows you to explore different industries and potential career paths.
  3. Additional Income: A part-time job can provide an additional source of income, whether you are saving for a specific goal or simply looking to increase your financial stability.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Working part-time exposes you to new people and potential networking connections, which can be beneficial for future career growth.
  5. Work-Life Balance: Part-time jobs allow individuals to dedicate time to other interests, hobbies, or personal commitments while still earning an income.

It’s important to note that part-time jobs in Dubai UAE are subject to the country’s labor laws and regulations. Non-UAE nationals are required to obtain the appropriate work permits and visas to work legally in the country. Familiarize yourself with the necessary requirements and ensure you have the proper documentation before applying for part-time roles.

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